Foundations Speed & Agility Program

The team of coaches at Revive put their heads together and created a new program for 2022. We noticed that the older athletes in our Youth program needed more to keep them progressing and we felt the only way to deliver this was to create another group that bridged the gap between our Youth and High School Program. This is our Foundations Speed & Agility Program, offered to athletes 12-15 years old.

The program is designed to build the fundamental skills of each athlete and bring their game to the next level. Our focus here is to improve upon our 3 Main Pillars of Athleticism: Speed, Agility, and Power. We teach athletes the core movement patterns involved in all sports – cutting, change of direction, speed/acceleration, and developing explosive power. This is one of the most pivotal times in an athletes’ career. Mastering these skills will help set the “foundation” of these athletes to build on for years to come.

Our uniquely designed training regiments will produce results your coaches, teammates and most importantly, YOU notice. Whether you want to get back into mid-season form, or you are ready to start getting noticed by college coaches, Revive will help you accomplish your goals.

Offered Mondays & Wednesdays


4 week program 2x per week $160

We help athletes of every level jump higher, run faster, move better, and achieve more!  


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